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 HM Young Offenders Institution Polmont

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PostSubject: HM Young Offenders Institution Polmont   HM Young Offenders Institution Polmont EmptyFri Sep 05, 2008 4:02 am

HM Young Offenders Institution Polmont

Tel: 01324 711558
Fax: 01324 714919
FCDO: 01324 722374
Untried Booking Visits: 01324 722206
General Visit Enquiries: 01324 722350

Derek McGill

Polmont YOI New Visit Block building work 2007-2009

We apologise for any inconvenience that the building work may cause and thank you for your patience and support, when work is complete we will have a Visit centre that Polmont staff, visitors and prisoners can be proud of.

With the ongoing re-alignment of the prison population Polmont has become the largest centre holding convicted and remand young offenders from the west of Scotland. Supported by Greenock (Short term YOI max 60 prisoners) and Friarton Perth (Low Category YOI max 89) the vision at Polmont remains that of providing a safe, supportive and learning environment which facilitates personal change and development. While maintaining good order the overarching aim is to make a tangible contribution to a 'safer Scotland'.

It is recognised that Young Offenders do commit a hugely disproportionate percentage of recorded crime (40%) and influence significantly the continuing high levels of fear of crime. The approach at HM YOI Polmont is to work in partnership with a wide range of agencies to offer an ever-increasing range and frequency of interventions. The more we do the more we become aware of what there is still to do to tackle the problem of youth crime.

Receiving a custodial sentence can have a major impact not only on the individual who has received the sentence, but also to the members of his family and close supportive friends.

Families have to deal with worries and fears about how they can cope with the situation and they are sometimes left in the dark about what happens in prison. The information included is designed to provide you with information on what the regime in Polmont YOI can provide for your relative and explain how you can access support if required.

We hope that throughout a young offender’s sentence, we will be able to work together with his close family and /or supportive friends, to help him resolve the issues that have lead him into offending behaviour.

We recognise that his family is in a key position to provide guidance and help if required and we would welcome your input and suggestions at any time. We also appreciate that family and close supportive friends may require some support and guidance in coming to terms with issues surrounding the present situation.

Derek McGill




Is there anybody I can call for Support? Yes

Visiting Information

Information for Visitors with a Disability

Polmont Interventions Team
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HM Young Offenders Institution Polmont
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