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 HMP and YOI Cornton Vale

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HMP and YOI Cornton Vale
Cornton Road

TEL: 01786 832591
FAX: 01786 833597

Cornton Vale provides custodial facilities and services for remanded and convicted females (including young offenders) in all sentence ranges and supervision levels. Other than the small units for females at Aberdeen, Dumfries, and Inverness, Cornton Vale was the Centre for female prisoners until November 2002. Due to the increasing numbers of women in custody, Darroch Hall at Greenock was allocated as a hall for short-term convicted adult female prisoners from Cornton Vale. This is now full to capacity and has eased the overcrowding at Cornton Vale.


HMPI Cornton vale is situated on the B823 approximately 2 miles from the town centre of Stirling. If travelling by car from Glasgow, Edinburgh or the north, stay on the M9 until junction 11, take the road signposted to Bridge of Allan (2 miles) Once you are in Bridge of Allan, turn right into Fountain Road (opposite the Royal Hotel). Proceed down Fountain Road, past the Fire Station and over the railway level crossing. Cornton Vale is 400 yards past the crossing on the right hand side.

Parking is limited at Cornton Vale. Please park in the visitors parking area only - not in the private residential area opposite the establishment.


Having a close relative or friend in prison highlights a number of questions and concerns and one of our main aims and the purpose of this information is to hopefully answer these questions or direct you to the appropriate agencies that may be able to help you. We encourage families to support their relatives and friends whilst they are in prison.

From our experience and those of family members and friends like yourself, common questions arise. Who do I contact? Where is the prison? When can I visit? What items am I allowed to hand in? What will happen during their time in prison? What opportunities and support will be available to my relative and myself? You probably may have others.

Cornton Vale has a family centre within the prison and the members of the Family Contact Team are available seven days a week to answer any of your questions or concerns.

The family centre has three Family Contact Development
Officers, they are Sharon Ashton, Graeme Watt and Tom Hobbs, and they are
available on Tel 01786 832591 Ex 5229.

Please find listed below information that may be of use to you if you visit the Establishment. Please do not hesitate to call the Family Centre if you have any other questions or concerns.

While visiting the prison you should always expect to be
treated courteously and with respect.

Booking a visit

If you are visiting an untried prisoner you are required to book the visit. This can be done by phoning 01786 835334. You must allow 24 hours notice before the time you intend to visit. A maximum of three adults can visit at any time accompanied by children (under 16 ).

For convicted visits it is the prisoners responsibility to book the visit and inform the visitors of the date and time of the visit.

How to get here

The bus and railway stations are located in Stirling, near the town centre. The bus station is
200yds to the left when you exit the railway station. The 53 and 54A buses stop right outside the prison, the journey will take approximately 10 minutes. A taxi fare is approximately £4.00 from the station. Parking is at the rear of the prison.

What to do when arriving

When arriving at the prison make your way to the visits booking area and visitors waiting area. You will be asked for identification (preferably photographic evidence if who you are). After booking in you will be called to the visit room and will meet your relative/friend who will be already seated awaiting your arrival. You will be allowed 30 minutes for untried or 45 minutes for convicted visits. Officers will be present in the visit room during your visit. If you
have any questions while in the visit room do not hesitate to ask any of the
officers present.

Toilet Facilities

There are toilet and baby changing facilities in the
vestibule area.

Facilities in the visit room

The visit room can accommodate up to 12 visits at any one time. We have a childrens play area.
There are vending machines selling hot and cold drinks, sweets and crisps.

Handing in property

All property for prisoners must be handed in at the visits booking vestibule, before the visit. If a prisoner, whether untried or convicted has been in prison for less than 7 days then no proforma is required.
If longer than seven days then a proforma is required. A proforma, is an official document which a prisoner sends out to her visitor requesting the items she is permitted to have and requires.

Handing in money

If you wish to hand in money, you can do so arrival at the vestibule, or by post. There is a £40 limit on money that can be handed in. A receipt will be issued by all money handed in at the vestibule.

Incoming Mail

If you bring mail with for a prisoner, place it in the mail box situated in the waiting area. Always put as much information on the envelope as possible, name number location. Do not enclose money or valuables in these envelopes.

Magazines and newspaper

You cannot hand in magazines or newspapers, however you can place an order with the local newsagent at; 42 Johnstone Avenue, Cornton FK9 5DT tel 01786 473564, and these will be delivered for the prisoner.

Disabled parking and special needs

Disabled parking spaces are available for visitors.
Please phone before visiting and you will be directed to these spaces. If you
have any special needs that you feel may restrict your visit contact any member
of staff.

Help with travelling expenses

The Assisted Prison Visits Unit (APVU) can offer help to visitors on low income. For further information write to APVU, PO box2152, Edgebaston Birmingham B15 1 SD or telephone 0121 626 2797. Forms are also available from the visiting are

Scottish Prisoners Families Helpline

An independent support service for families and friends of

0500 83 93 83 (Freephone)

E mail

Monday_ Friday: 9am_5pm

Answerphone outwith these hours.

Searching of visitors

Searching of visitors entering CorntonVale prison may be carried out (in accordance with prison rules). A visitor may be asked to remove their outer garments before being required for a rub down search. This type of search involves the visitor being given an outer clothing hands on search by a member of the prison staff (same sex).
You have the opportunity to refuse this type of search, but should be aware that declining this type of search may result in you being refused entry to the prison.

Visits timetable- HMP & YO Cornton Vale


Agents & Social Work Visits

Bruce House 14.15-15.00

Untried visit

Skye House

Wallace House

Closed Visit (any house) 20.15-20.45


Agents and Social Work Visits

Access Visits

Mother and Child 11.00-12.00

Closed Visit (any house) 14.15-14.45

Wallace House

Convicted (all blocks) 15.30-16.15

Untried Visit – session 1 19.00-19.30

Untried Visit _ session 2 20.00-20.30


Agents & Social Work Visits 10.00-12.30 14.00-16.45

Peebles House

Untried Visit

Bruce House 19.00-19.45

Wallace House

Closed Visits (any House ) 20.15-20.45


Agents and Social Work Visits 10.00-12.30 14.00-16.45

Access Visits

Mother & Child Visits 11.0012.00

Closed Visits (any house) 14.15-15.00

Wallace House

Convicted (all houses) 15.30-16.15

Untried – session 1 19.00-19.30

Untried _ session 2 20.00-20.30


Agents & Social Work Visits 10.00-12.30

Skye House

Untried Visit

Peebles House

Wallace House 19.30-20.30

Disabled Visit

Closed Visit (any house) 20.15-20.45


Agents & Social Work visits 09.00-10.00

Untried Visit (session 1 )

Untried Visit (session 2 ) 11.00-11.30

Convicted (All Houses ) 15.30-16.15 16.30-17.15

Disabled Visit

ILU Visit 12.00-13.00

Wallace House


Closed Visit (any house ) 09.30-10.00 10.15-10.45

Disabled Visits 12.00-13.00

Mother & Child Visit 12.00-13.00

Convicted (all houses ) 11.00-11.45 15.30-16.15

Wallace House

ILU Visits
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HMP and YOI Cornton Vale
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