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 HMP Barlinnie

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HMP Barlinnie
G33 2QX

Telephone: 0141 770 2000
Fax No: 0141 770 2060

On the outskirts of Glasgow, HMP Barlinnie is in an excellent location for a prison being near to the busiest Courts in Scotland and close to the population centre and public transport routes so that visits are readily achieved. The establishment receives prisoners from the courts in the West of Scotland. It retains male remand prisoners and prisoners serving less than 4 year sentences. It allocates suitable prisoners from its convicted population to lower security prisons, including Low Moss, and manages prisoners serving more than four years or more in the initial phase of their sentence until places become available for them in the long term prisoner system.


* HMP Barlinnie is located in the north east of Glasgow near junction 12 of the M8 motorway.
* It is also a short bus journey from the city centre and is serviced by a number of buses including the Numbers 36, 38, 39, and 39A.
* By vehicle use the route planner.


24 hours notice is required when booking visits

The only way to book a remand visit is by telephoning the number shown below. Please note that you cannot book a visit by approaching the staff on either the Visit Desk or the Telephonist’s Desk.

Remand Visit Line 0141 770 2109

Opening Hours Monday to Friday 09.00-20.30 hrs

Saturday 13.00-16.30hrs


* A prisoner who is convicted must book his own visit.
* Each month a visit timetable is issued within the halls detailing the visit times and dates for that month. The prisoner books his own visits using this timetable and it is his responsibility to notify his visitors of the visit date and time. A prisoner who is convicted is allowed three 40 minute visits each month.
* Due to the large number of prisoners held within Barlinnie the allocation for convicted prisoner visits allow them one weekend, one afternoon and one evening visit. If after the 20th of the month a prisoner has not taken his allocation of 3 visits they swap it for an additional weekend or evening visit which is subject to availability.


* There are a maximum number of 3 adults permitted per prisoner in the visit room at any one visit. There are no restrictions on the number of children allowed. (An adult is over 16 years old).
* This relates to both remand and convicted prisoners.


* Please be aware that Barlinnie has introduced a no smoking policy in all areas of the prison.
* Please put out your cigarettes before you enter the revolving door at the front of the Establishment.


* Please arrive on time for your visit.
* Additional time should be allowed for problems with traffic, parking or unforeseen occurrences.
* Late arrivals may prevent you from receiving your visit.


* Barlinnie Prison can facilitate visitors who may require wheelchair access or have other difficulties walking.
* Ramp access to the building is available and access to the visit room by a lift can be facilitated upon request.
* If you require additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact us prior to attending.
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HMP Barlinnie
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