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 Patrick Swiney

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Was Patrick Swiney frame

Someone seems to have gone through an awful lot of trouble to make him take the fall for the murder of his wife and her ex-husband.

If we didn’t know better, and we don’t, it would appear that quite a few people wouldn’t shed a tear seeing him being put away for life. Actually quite a few people would have the motive, maybe, to make sure it happened – and it did happen!

In 1989 Patrick looking through a window became witness to his newly wedded wife since five months and her ex husband passionately embracing and fondling, then the lights went out as he got a severe blow to the back of his head. When he woke up he was inside with two bodies, with the tip of the barrel of a 22 cal. semi-automatic rifle held by his fingertips. The rifle had been in his truck when he got hit. He was confused, and in pain, but immediately summoned help.

Patrick himself, was a former police officer responsible for putting a DA and a Chief Investigator in federal prison, before he - disgusted with corruption - turned in his badge. He had had attempts made on his life, not once but twice. Even so the handling of the crime-scene was shoddy if anything and Patrick was denied seeing a doctor when he complained about the pain in his head.

The DA was his murdered wife’s childhood sweetheart. Forensic evidence got suppressed and the DA even told the Coroners office not to perform a vaginal swab and fingernail cultures during the autopsy of the corpses. Why didn’t the DA want the DNA evidence? Would it have showed something less than convenient?

The suppressed forensic evidence that DID exist showed that there was no blood or gunpowder residue on Patrick – which conclusively shows he could not have fired the weapon - so who did?
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Patrick Swiney
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