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 Keenya Curry

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PostSubject: Keenya Curry   Mon Sep 08, 2008 3:03 am

Targeted prosecution for political gain. Can it happen to you?

keenya-del-11-20-2004You have done nothing wrong; everyone knows you and, your life is an open-book. You are not trying to hide some unsavory fact so, why are you suddenly the focus of attention by Ohio's Children's Services Bureau (CSB) and the Summit County Prosecutor? At 44 years of age, how did she go from mother and grandmother to a prisoner serving an astonishing 25 year sentence without chance of parole? Keenya Curry has asked herself this question countless times since being targeted in 1997 and her incarceration since August 1998. Only after years in prison has she come to realize the awful truth. She didn't know it could happen to her; could it also happen to you?

In this forum, I will provide other information and documents which will bring to light the injustice inflicted upon Keenya. For the moment, let us review the ‘how' and ‘why' of the prosecution of Keenya Curry.
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Keenya Curry
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