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 Join the “Silent Walk for Justice”

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PostSubject: Join the “Silent Walk for Justice”   Join the “Silent Walk for Justice” EmptySat Sep 20, 2008 1:00 am

Dear All of You.

Join the “Silent Walk for Justice”

People are innocently put to jail, while the criminals walk free. Families are fighting for years and years to get crimes that were committed to their loved ones investigated, but in vain. There are victims of crimes that are not compensated and cared for. People are robbed by the council, of the Common Good Land that was donated to them ages ago. There are violence against women and sexual abuse against children, lawyers cheating their clients, authorities withholding information and covering up, and so on. The list could be long and all of you reading this have your own severe cases to add.

A well functioning justice system is one of the foundations of a human and civilized society, and that is what we want this great country, Scotland, to be. Living in a democracy we also have the right to chose those who are to represent us politically. And we also have the right to express our selves when we are not content with their job or the conditions of society.

Therefore we are writing this letter to all of you suffering from injustice. Let’s come together and make our voices heard. We suggest that we make “A Silent Walk For Justice” to show politicians, media and the public of Scotland that we are not satisfied with the current justice system and that we want a change, now.

Let´s walk the Royal Mile down together from the castle and stop outside the Parliament. All of us bringing pictures of the ones, or what, we are fighting for and candles to lit outside the Parliament in the dark. Let us also put a short text together where we ask for justice for all of us, that we all sign, and hand it over to The Minister of Justice Kenny MacAskill, or who could be willing to meet us outside.

We want this walk to be absolutely peaceful and silent and let our pictures and candles speak for our mission. Our suggestion is that we make The Silent Walk for Justice one afternoon the first week in December, since we then will be in Scotland for the anniversary of my daughter Annie Borjesson’s suspicious and unsolved death. We will get back with day and time for the Silent Walk for Justice as soon as Mr. MacAskill has replied to what day he can see us.

Please write to let us know if you will be able to attend or if you have any suggestions about the walk. We also need one man and one woman to speak for us when handing over our request.

Hope to hear from you all. Remember that one and one we may be weak, but together we will be strong!

Guje Borgesson and Maria Jansson.
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Guje Bor

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PostSubject: The Silent Walk For Justice Dec 4, 2008   Join the “Silent Walk for Justice” EmptyThu Nov 20, 2008 3:58 am



You are all welcome to join The Silent Walk For Justice 2008. We will all meet at 15.00 p.m.

outside Edinburgh Castle. Then a lone bagpiper will signal and we will all walk together, the

Royal Mile down from the Edinburgh castle, peacefully and in silence to honour our loved ones

and stop at the Scottish Parliament.

Outside the Scottish Parliament we will all put down our pictures of the ones, or what we are

fighting for, and we will light our candles and put them beside the pictures.

We will all stand behind the shrine with the pictures and burning candles. The bag piper will

signal and The Cabinet Secretary of Justice Kenny MacAskill, or who will be sent in his place,

will meet us outside.

The man and the woman representing the Scottish people will perform a short speech, and

after that The Cabinet Secretary of Justice will make a short speech. The people’s writing and

name lists will be handed over to Mr MacAskill

The bag piper will signal and there will be a SILENT MINUTE for all the loved ones. Then the

lone piper will play a Scottish tune.

The Cabinet Secretary of Justice will return into the Parliament building and the bag piper will

signal for the journalists to step forward, take pictures and make interviews.

The pictures and candles must be removed and The Silent Walk For Justice 2008 will end at

19.00 pm

The Silent Walk for Justice, must be absolutely peaceful and silent, we will let our

pictures and candles speak for our mission.

Guje Borgesson and Maria Jansson
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Guje Bor

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PostSubject: SILENT WALK FOR JUSTICE 2009   Join the “Silent Walk for Justice” EmptyTue Nov 10, 2009 1:29 am


Edinburgh, Friday 4 Dec 2009
3.00pm - 6.00pm

Innocent people are imprisoned whilst criminals walk free. Families fight in vain to have crimes committed against their loved ones investigated. Dead children have organs removed illegally. Women and children face increased violence and sexual abuse. Councils rob the public of the use of common-good lands. Victims of crime are not being compensated whilst others fail to receive the care they require and deserve. Lawyers cheat their clients whilst public authorities withhold information and cover up for others…

The Silent Walk For Justice is held annually to honour those various people searching for justice, exposing the need for improvements within the Scottish justice system. The Freedom of Information Act was conceived as a means to give the public access to information, however, this is being often denied with the response that “it is not in the public interest”.

We the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children and friends concerned by such unfairness within the Scottish justice system, have the right to obtain documentation concerning our cases and our loved ones. We are families and friends together and with everyone else engaged in the pursuit of justice, WE ARE ALSO the PUBLIC and the documentation is in OURS and - THE PUBLIC INTEREST. We therefore request that the Freedom of Information Act is amended to fulfil our needs.

To honour our loved ones and in order to achieve better consideration under the Act, we will all meet at 3.00 p.m. at Johnston Terrace. We will then walk together in peace and in silence along the Royal Mile and stop in front of the Scottish Parliament. At the Parliament we will put down our pictures of our loved ones and our placards publicising the cause that we are individually fighting for and light our candles.

After a speech from one of the organisers of The Silent Walk For Justice, a representative from the Scottish Justice Department is invited to greet the people and reply to our demands for the reformation of the Freedom of Information Act. We will also give thanks to the Lord Advocate, Mrs Elish Angiolini, for introducing a new unit to investigate unsolved crimes.

Together we can make a change. Please join The Silent Walk For Justice!

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PostSubject: Re: Join the “Silent Walk for Justice”   Join the “Silent Walk for Justice” Empty

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Join the “Silent Walk for Justice”
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