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 A fair and public hearing (or trial)

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PostSubject: A fair and public hearing (or trial)   Tue Sep 30, 2008 1:52 pm

You have the right to a fair and public hearing if:

* you are charged with a criminal offence and have to go to court
* a public authority is making a decision that has a decisive impact upon your civil rights or obligations.

Civil rights and obligations include rights and obligations that are recognised in different areas of UK law, including property law, planning law, family law, contract law and employment law.

It is a good idea to get further advice if you think the right to a fair and public hearing might apply to your case.
On this page

* What is a fair and public hearing?
* What rights do you have at a criminal trial?
* Restrictions
* What the law says
* Example case

What is a fair and public hearing?

The right to a fair and public hearing gives you the right to effective participation in a hearing that:

* is held within a reasonable time
* is held before an independent and impartial decision-maker
* provides you with access to all relevant information
* is open to the public (although the press and public can be excluded where the matter is highly sensitive)
* allows you representation or an interpreter where appropriate
* is followed by a public decision.

You also have the right to an explanation of how the court or decision-making authority reached its decision.

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A fair and public hearing (or trial)
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