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 Michael Ross

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Does anyone else think that Micheal Ross is Innocent.


I would like to know how many people Lord Hardie and Qc Mc Connachie have put away on circumstantial evidence.

Some stuff on Michael Ross.

Michael Ross will be sentenced this month is this another Miscarraige of Justice.

Glasgow High Court First Instance 13/10/2008 - 19/10/2008 Case PF Ref Court Ref Police Ref Proceedings Earliest Start Date Est. Duration Latest Start Date Court Judge
HMA -v- MICHAEL ROSS KW07000220 IN48/08 PNCK020020007 Adjournment of Diet 17/10/2008 00:00:00 17/10/2008 VC GL CRIME Lord Hardie.

Why did Mr Grant not report what he seen earlier.

Exclusive: Orkney waiter shooting witness tells of death threat ordeal
Sep 18 2008 By Bob Dow

THE witness who brought Orkney race-hate assassin Michael Ross to justice is being terrorised by death threats.

William Grant ended the 14-year fight to nail the murderer of Bangladeshi waiter Shamsuddin Mahmood when he told how he saw 15-year-old Ross with a gun on the night of the shooting in 1994.

But yesterday, William told the Record that some islanders have viciously turned on him since his evidence put Ross behind bars.

And he admitted: "I wish now that I'd left it alone.

"I'm like a prisoner in my home. I don't go out at night. I'm too scared.

"I feel like I'm on a very thin layer of ice."

Dad of four William, 51, added: "I've had quite a few death threats. The first was from a lad in his 20s in a pub.

"As he walked by, he said, 'By the way, there's a price on your head.' "It was sheer fear, terror. Thankfully I was sitting down as my legs turned to jelly.

"I got someone else to phone the police and went to the toilet and cried."

William also told how he was assaulted in a local supermarket by a woman he went to school with.

He recalled: "She grabbedme by the arm and called me a few unprintable names. She made it clear it was to do with the court case."

In a third incident, William was walking down a Kirkwall street when a man told him he would be "the next b****** to be shot".

William says sinister letters have also been sent to his home in Stromness.

Ross's father Eddy claims his son is the innocent victim of a plot involving police and the freemasons.

And a letter sent to William last week included a masonic emblem, along with his name and the name of an officer from the murder inquiry.

William admits he had masonic links to the officer but strongly denies that freemasonry had anything to do with his decision to give evidence. He said he was stunned by the letter and felt threatened by it.

The letter was the second William had received. The first contained a press cutting from the trial, with his name highlighted.

William said both letters were in the same type of envelope. He added: "They were both handwritten and it looked like someone had used the wrong hand."

Northern Constabulary are investigating William's complaints. He says many islanders have backed his decision to testify.

William saw Ross with a gun in a public toilet in Kirkwall in June 1994, shortly before the assassin walked into the Mumutaz tandoori restaurant and shot Shamsuddin, 26, in the face in front of horrified diners.

Ross didn't even know his victim. His only motive was racial hatred. He had been heard saying: "Blacks should be shot."

Terrified by what he had seen, William kept silent for 12 years. Then, two years ago, he wrote an anonymous letter to police to tell them about his encounter with Ross.

A civilian police worker recognised him as he delivered the letter by hand and he was persuaded to give evidence in court.

Ross, who joined the Black Watch after the murder and served as a sniper in Iraq, was convicted in June this year.

After the verdict, he leapt from the dock and tried to escape through a side door as his counsel Donald Findlay QC yelled, "No Michael! No!"

Ross, now 30, was tackled by a court official and taken to the cells. He is due to be sentenced next month.

The gunman's father, a policeman in Kirkwall at the time of the murder, has already served time in jail for helping him cover his tracks.

Eddy Ross had a stash of bullets in his house of the type used in the shooting but failed to tell his bosses about them. He was jailed for four years in 1997 for hindering the investigation.


Some newspaper reports on his case.

Murder conviction for Iraq war hero ends 14-year mystery of Indian restaurant shooting

By Cahal Milmo, Chief Reporter
Saturday, 21 June 2008

Michael Ross wore a ski mask to shoot Shamsuddin Mahmood in the head in front of diners

To his comrades in the Black Watch, Sgt Michael Ross was nothing other than a hero. When his armoured vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2004, he put himself in danger to administer first aid before organising the evacuation of his wounded men. When a black soldier under his command died, he wept openly.

Yesterday, a different and horrifying side to the 29-year-old decorated soldier was revealed in Glasgow's High Court when a jury convicted him of murdering a Bangladeshi waiter by shooting him in the head in front of diners at a restaurant in the Orkneys, in 1994. Ross, who had hidden his face behind a balaclava or ski mask, was aged just 15.

Moments after the verdict was delivered, Ross tried to escape from the court, managing to run through a side door before he was wrestled to the ground by an official and handcuffed by police.

The conviction brings to an end the 14-year mystery of who killed Shamsuddin Mahmood, 26, at the Mumtaz restaurant in Kirkwall, the main town of the Orkney Islands with a population of 8,500. The murder was the first on the Orkneys for 25 years.

Evidence emerged during the six-week trial that Ross had been a gun-obsessed teenager who doodled Nazi imagery on a notebook and told a comrade in the Army cadets: "Blacks should be shot."

The soldier – who was a sniper with the Black Watch, now part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, when he was arrested in May last year – had denied the murder and claimed to have been in another part of Kirkwall when the killing took place on the evening of 2 June 1994.

Ross was convicted on a majority verdict and will be sentenced on 11 July.

Andrew Laing, the Procurator Fiscal for the Highlands and Islands, said: "This was a callous murder of an innocent young man who was well known and liked within the town.

"This cowardly act shocked not only the local community but people throughout Scotland."

Detectives from the Northern Constabulary were at a loss to explain why an assassin had entered the restaurant and calmly shot Mr Mahmood, who was saving to start a law degree.

In the hours after the killing, PC Eddie Ross, a former firearms specialist and special branch officer who once undertook royal protection duties, was asked to examine the bullet casing retrieved from the restaurant. He is also the father of Michael Ross.

Eddie Ross, who had served in the Army with the Royal Green Jackets before joining the police, concluded that none of the pistols on the Orkneys was capable of firing the bullet and none of the same ammunition, manufactured in India, was to be found on the islands. But he later told detectives he had a sealed box of the same ammunition.

What he failed to disclose was that he also had a second, open box of this type of bullets, which had disappeared. Eddie Ross was jailed for four years in 1997 after he was convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice by failing to disclose this information.

Suspicion fell on Michael Ross when police searched the family home and recovered a notebook with swastikas scrawled across it and anti-English slogans.

Two witnesses also came forward to say they had seen the teenager in woodland two weeks before the shooting wearing a balaclava and clothing similar to that worn by the killer. Defence lawyers pointed to Ross's military record, calling several officers to describe his heroic actions in combat and care for those under his command.

Captain Alexander Ramsay, who described Ross as "one of the finest soldiers ... I've commanded", said: "He is a gentleman in the way he looks after his family and his soldiers."

It was only when a witness came forward claiming to have seen Ross in a public lavatory on the night of the shooting, carrying a gun and wearing a balaclava or ski mask, that a police cold case review team decided to arrest him.

Abul Shafuddin, Mr Mahmood's brother, said after the verdict: "Justice has been done. We are grateful to all who worked to bring the accused to trial."

The same Judge and prosecuter was involved in the case of Brendan Dixon and Patrick Docherty.

I know his antics dont help his cause but i do believe he is Innocent.

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Michael Ross
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