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 Father speaks in defence of son

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PostSubject: Father speaks in defence of son   Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:28 pm

Murderer Michael Ross's ex-policeman father has spoken out in defence of his jailed son.

Eddie Ross, 57, was a serving police officer at the time of the killing, and was later jailed for four years for trying to defeat the ends of justice.

He said of the case: "No-one in our family believed he was responsible for what he was accused of.

"I was not only surprised but quite horrified based on what information had gone on through the trial."

He explained: "Based on the quality of the evidence and dare I say the quality of the witnesses, we were quite surprised it went the way it did."

See the video on:

Asked about what might happen next, he added: "At the moment we have to wait for Michael's defence team who intend to launch an appeal.

"If people look closely at it and between the lines they can read things for themselves quite easily."

He said there were clear grounds on which to base an appeal, claiming: "On the evidence given, on certain witnesses produced by the police and possibly on certain comments made by the judge.

"Michael is a laid back sort of chap. He's certainly not happy with what's happened with him.

"At present he's in Shotts prison. He is a military man so he has slotted in quite well although I'm sure he would much rather be at home with his wife and family.

"He has two young daughters and a wife - it's just quite horrendous.

"For the family it's been quite traumatic but we just have to get on with things like any other day. We can't just let it overrule or run us."

The charge against Michael Ross's father was that he withheld information from investigating officers over ammunition he found in his own home. It resembled the cartridge used to kill the waiter.

He still maintains his innocence.
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Father speaks in defence of son
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