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 Rebus star Ken Stott makes dramatic appeal over mystery death of student

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Rebus star Ken Stott makes dramatic appeal over mystery death of student Empty
PostSubject: Rebus star Ken Stott makes dramatic appeal over mystery death of student   Rebus star Ken Stott makes dramatic appeal over mystery death of student EmptySun Oct 19, 2008 9:32 pm

Oct 19 2008 By Douglas Walker

REBUS star Ken Stott has launched an appeal for help solving the mysterious death of a Swedish student.

Annie Borjesson was found dead on a Scots beach hours before she was due to fly back to her home city of Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Crown Office believe the 30-year-old took her own life or had an accident and have rejected calls for a new probe.

Rebus star Ken, 52, who revealed he met the tragic student at a Hearts fans function, has now joined her family in their desperate quest for answers.

He said: "To lose a child must be heartbreaking.

"But the uncertainty surrounding Annie's death must make the pain unbearable for her mother Guje and her other family and friends.

"I would appeal to anyone who may have information about her death to contact police immediately."

A source close to the actor said: "He remembered meeting Annie and posed for a picture as he does with many fans.

"It is an extremely bizarre case and is a bit like a Rebus mystery."

The picture of Annie and Ken was taken weeks before her death in December 2005.

In June the Sunday Mail published the last picture of Annie walking from the railway station at Prestwick in Ayrshire, apparently heading to catch a plane home.

Later that afternoon a witness saw her speaking to two men on the shore where she was later found. The next morning, December 4, her body was found washed up on the beach by two dog walkers.

The family say they have never had any explanation for bruising on Annie's face and body.

Her bag containing her passport and two Swedish library books was also found on the shore and Annie had even made an appointment with her hairdresser in Sweden that week.

CCTV footage from the station appears to show she took less than two hours to get there from her Edinburgh home. Annie's family believe this proves she was driven by a mystery friend.

The family also think she was targeted by a sex predator posing as ex-Scotland rugby star Martin Leslie.

New Zealand-based Leslie told them he was never in Scotland at the same time as Annie.

Guje, 54, said: "We are all so grateful to Mr Stott for helping us get the truth about what happened to our beloved Annie. He is a well-respected man in Scotland so I hope his words will lead to somebody coming forward with new information."

Annie's dad Karoly suffered a stroke this year and his doctors told relatives it was caused by the stress of his daughter's death.

Guje is leading a campaign demanding a change in Scottish law so that bereaved families are guaranteed an independent inquiry into how their loved ones died.

In June she met Alex Salmond and appealed to him to change the law during a half hour meeting.

The Scottish Government said: "The First Minister has raised Mrs Borgesson's issues with the Crown Office and he has set out details of their response to her."

The Crown Office said there was still no evidence of a crime.


1 SHE travelled from Edinburgh to Prestwick the day before her death but her family believe she was driven there. Why do this to commit suicide?

2 ANNIE didn't leave a suicide note and told her family she had no major problems days before her death. She was seen speaking to two men on the shore where she was found.

3 SHE had carried her passport and two Swedish library books to the airport - a sign that she intended to return home. She had also paid up a month's rent on her flat.

4 AN impostor posing as Scottish rugby star Martin Leslie had targeted Annie. She met him shortly before she disappeared and said she felt threatened by the man.

5 ANNIE'S dead body was covered in bruises which have never been explained. There was no sign of the pink fleece she was wearing on CCTV just before.
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Rebus star Ken Stott makes dramatic appeal over mystery death of student
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