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 Al Johnson Keyboard Hardman

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PostSubject: Al Johnson Keyboard Hardman   Mon Jan 05, 2009 6:13 am

Alan Johnson - Keyboard Hardman
by Jeff Randall - 16:45 on 22 September 2008
Since the publication of my book I have been subjected to a bombardement of e-mails authored by a certain Mr Alan Johnson who seems to make a career out of being deliberately provocative. He apparently is part of some social justice campaign and spends a great deal of time harranguing the likes of the First Minister and other MSPs. It would appear, for some ineplicable reason, that I was catapulted on to the same mailing list.

I requested removal from this list as I have found its contents tiresome and bordering on the offensive. This is the reply I received:

"Many thanks.

Such a nice man you are Mr Randall !


Little wonder you were abused and became so fucked up in the head and so abusive of others with a manner like that!


Mr Al Johnson
Royal Circus
(Just down from Bute House)

What do readers think of this idiot ? he evn puts his phone number online and directions to his Edinburgh house.

And he professes to be campaigning for an abuse victim too.

I hope he is not taking money under false pretences from the victims he professes to be helping.

Apparently he has been barred from quite a few Scottish Forums.

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Al Johnson Keyboard Hardman
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