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 Free Wullie Gage

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PostSubject: Free Wullie Gage   Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:18 pm

At last there seems to be some light at the end of the long tunnel that William Gage and his family have endured for the past 7 plus years.

The Scottish Criminal Case Review Commission finally made their decision to refer William Gage's case to the appeal courts. See for the grounds of referral.

We who support Wullie Gage are delighted that the SCCRC have referred the case for appeal and we thank them for doing so. If it wasn't for the SCCRC investigating this case then Wullie would not have the chance to finally prove his innocence. So far that, family, friends and supporters are deeply grateful.

Sadly though, Mr Bill Gage, William's father, is now terminally ill with cancer. I spoke with Mr Gage Senior and he said that he was absolutely delighted to hear this news. It had been a long time coming. He says he is not afraid of dying. What he fears is dying before William is freed and exonerated for the crime he was wrongfully convicted of. All he wants to be able to do is put his arms around his son and be able to spend time with his son as a free man. We pray that this will be made possible. Mr Gage Senior has suffered enough due to this injustice and now cancer. He has committed no crime. And he has steadfastly stood by Wullie and supported him totally. His belief in his son's innocence is unwaivering.

The tragedy of all of this is that the Gage family have lost precious years due to Wullie being imprisoned for a crime he did not commit and now that the end could be in sight, Mr Gage Senior is so seriously ill. It all seems so unfair indeed.

We who support Wullie's fight for truth and justice are hoping and praying that Wullie is freed so that he can spend precious time with his dad.

It really would be heaping injustice upon injustice if Wullie was not allowed to spend that special time with his dad and his loved ones. We hope that the courts will see fit to show some compassion in this tragic situation. Time is running out and Mr Gage Senior is about to embark on an intense Radiotherapy treatment in a bid to make him feel a little better. It will not cure him but should hopefully make his life a little more bearable. There is no operation which can help and chemotherapy cannot help either. Mr Gage is too ill to have surgery anyway.

It would be absolutely devastating to Mr Gage Snr and the family if Wullie did not get freed before things go too far for him, with the cancer.

It would be equally devastating of course to Wullie, if anything else happened to his dad before he was freed.

Wullie is delighted of course that this has finally happened but there is a deep sadness in him for the time he has lost with his family and the fact that his dad is so ill.

Wullie has a huge amount of supporters and he thanks everyone for their love and support.

Details of Wullie's case can be read on: : : and

It is agony having to wait. I feel like I have been buried alive and that no matter how hard I scream for help the authorities don't seem to care.' William Gage

Hopefully now Wullie will realise that the authorities are indeed listening and that they will rectify this miscarriage of justice in a speedy manner.

Please send Wullie cards of support and encouragement:

William Gage
# 2319 c3/15
HMP Shotts/ Lanarkshire


Thank you

Karen Torley and Wullie Gage's Supporters.

“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. . Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. To remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all..." Elie Wiesel Nobel Prize for Peace in 1986.

Some details of the case

On the night of March 7, 2002 drug baron Justin McAlroy was gunned down on the driveway of his home in Cambuslang, Glasgow.

Second-hand car dealer William Gage was jailed for life in 2004 when three eyewitnesses told a jury they saw a white getaway vehicle leaving the scene.

A white SAAB was later found in Glasgow's Easterhouse, partly burnt out.

Much reliance was placed on a white SAAB being the car used in the commission of this murder.

There was absolutely no evidence, no CCTV Footage and no identification of Gage, which one would expect

Evidence at trial related to a White Maestro, Metro, Volvo 440 and one witness saying the car he saw was "Not a SAAB”

The other differing statements given at trial, shows that at least some witnesses must have given “inaccurate” information.

The judge described the evidence of McAlroy’s wife as uncorroborated and extremely contradictory

The Judge directed that the jury must find Gage guilty of the second charge which relates to the white car, to have enough evidence to convict for the murder. Basically the judge was saying there was no evidence of the murder if the car could not be tied to it.

The jury found him not guilty on the second charge and guilty of Murder.

Not only did the jury not listen to the judge in law issues such as there was no proof, they totally went against all the judges directions.
Even the trial judge, Lord Emslie, has expressed doubts over the conviction.

In a report to appeal judges, it is believed, Lord Emslie claimed many juries would have refused to convict with such circumstantial evidence.

Extract from an Appeal.

Since Stephen Madden had only seen the passenger in the white car from a front view, someone with hair in a pony tail might look like someone with short hair. The assessment of the evidence of Stephen Madden and Agnes Edgar was entirely a matter for the jury. It would not be surprising if the jury decided to pay little or no attention to their evidence,

Stephen maddens evidence was relied upon for conviction, At best his evidence was he saw a White Metro Or Maestro and he did not identify Gage.
Both Madden and Edgar were reluctant witnesses but for a judge to claim it would not be surprising if the jury decided to pay little or no attention to their evidence is shocking.
Is this because their evidence supports Gage's case ?

Turning to the evidence of Charles Bowman, the Advocate depute submitted that Mr. Bowman's evidence vouched the proposition that the car recovered from Easterhouse was at least similar to the one which Mr. Bowman had seen in Newton Station Road. Contrary to the trial judge's view at page 12 of his report, Mr. Bowman's evidence, if accepted, was consistent with the abandoned Saab being the getaway car.

Mr Bowman claimed to have seen a white Volvo 440 and only after being shown the white SAAB did he say it was similar.
Apart from leading this witness the police tactics in showing him the White SAAB which was recovered from Easterhouse severely taints his evidence.
At its highest his evidence is capable of showing it was a Volvo used and not a SAAB.
Besides this evidence there is the witness Kearns who doesn't seem to have been heard at appeal.
His evidence supports the car not being a white SAAB and his reason for remembering it was not a SAAB was because he had once owned a SAAB and he would have remembered if the car in question had been a white SAAB.
This evidence supports Gage and not as suggested at his appeal the Crown case

“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. . Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. To remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all..." Elie Wiesel Nobel Prize for Peace in 1986..
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PostSubject: Dedicated to Wullie Gage   Thu Jan 14, 2010 5:10 pm

Written by Steven Clifford

Steven Clifford's music can be heard on

Verse 1

As I lie here in my lonely prison cell
for a crime I did not commit
i know in my heart
I am truly innocent of it

How can a man be convicted on just his eyes?
Just shows the crown are still in disguise !
Ihope and pray everyday
another jury see through all these lies


As long as I have life in me
I will never accept these rules
a sheer miscarige, like all the rest
my life is in the hands of fools !

Everyday is dark but there's still light
for I know there are soldiers still fighting the fight
they stripped me of my liberty, and made my family cry
but the man above knows, who really told the lie

chorus...but like my fellow comrades before me, who suffered at their hands
I'll keep on smiling, till they meet my DEMANDS !!!!!!
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PostSubject: Is GED really worth it?   Thu Jun 21, 2012 1:39 pm

General Education Diploma (GED) is considered equivalent to High School diploma in America or Canada. It is consist of five subjects namely language reading and writing, mathematics, science and social studies; it is also available in other languages too.
One thing is to be cleared first that there is no GED online test; it is only administrated in local registered test centers. Now if you ask me what is better GED or High School diploma, I would definitely say High School diploma but for those people who are busy in doing job or something else then they should go for GED program because it is somehow alternative of high school and it is less time consuming than high school diploma programs and it has five subjects only as compare to high school diploma four years program but this does not mean that you can pass the test without preparing it. You can prepare for the test by buying guides or books, you can also give sample tests online for the GED test preparation but actual test will only be held in certified test centers.
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PostSubject: Re: Free Wullie Gage   

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Free Wullie Gage
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