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 Susan May: Innocent As Charged

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PostSubject: Susan May: Innocent As Charged   Susan May: Innocent As Charged EmptyTue Sep 09, 2008 7:21 pm

Susan May is a friend of mine who is still fighting her miscarriage of justice in England, has another replay of the documentary on the Crime and Investigation Channel on Sky and Virgin
Innocent As Charged: Susan May
Sunday 26 Oct 2.00PM


At 9.30am on 12th March 1992 Susan May left her house to visit her elderly Aunt, as she did every day, three times a day. However this would be her last visit and one that would ultimately change her life forever.

Upon arriving at the house, Susan opened the door and was horrified to find Aunt Hilda spread across the downstairs bed, naked from the waist down and her face beaten beyond recognition. Fourteen months later and she was in prison serving life for murder.

Susan spent twelve years inside some of the harshest and most unforgiving prisons in England before being released. She was not cleared of her crimes and remains a murderer in the eyes of the law.

The question remains as to why she was convicted in the first place. There is no smoke without fire after all. Surely the British legal system would not put somebody inside if they were innocent, especially someone who was such a loving, caring person, for whom 80 local people volunteered to give a character witness.

Susan May was convicted because she was unbelievably naïve, pure and simple. She trusted the police to do the right thing. She hired her family solicitor to represent her even though he had never before handled a murder case and had no experience of criminal law. She had no specialist witnesses, no exhibits to back up her claims, no defence case whatsoever and nobody to challenge the police version of events. She simply relied on the fact that she knew she was completely innocent of all charges and hoped that a jury would see this, offering herself up as a lamb to the slaughter in the process.
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Susan May: Innocent As Charged
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