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 Why this board came to be!

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Why this board came to be! Empty
PostSubject: Why this board came to be!   Why this board came to be! EmptyTue Jan 06, 2009 3:13 pm

I would like to set the record straight about how this board came to be in existance.

For 13 years I campaigned for people in USA. I did still however take an interest in what was happening in my own country too.

While campaigning all those years for people in US, I learned many things and when I began to look at the Scottish judicial system properly and the lack of information I was totally appalled.

Most cases in US are online and the amount of information available is unbelievable compared to here in Scotland.

I spoke to Big Wullie about this many times and told him I planned on getting as much Scottish information, groups, links etc all onto one place. Which is the kind of information I had grown used to. Wullie advised me on the kind of things that such a site would need and gave me the names of the places to research.

As did my good friend and fellow campaigner Bobbie Isbell.

My dad helped me with the name of the board too because I wanted something catchy.Smile

My idea was that if I gathered all the information I could find, then perhaps one day someone would build a super duper website with ALL the info on it. But until then I would continue to gather information, and cases,and add them to this forum.

My aims are simple.

I love to research and find out information. I also like to try to help others, which I may add, I do only when asked by someone. Any of the Scottish cases I have become involved in, in the capacity of making a site or gathering information, I have been approached by a member of the family or the person themselves.

I do not seek people out to help. They come to me.

So if me gathering information and putting it onto a site helps someone, then I am happy.

I see no problem having as much as possible about the Scottish Judicial System and any support groups, help lines on the one place.

It is here to help people. That is the only aim. No secret agenda and anyone who thinks otherwise, simply does not know me as a person.
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Why this board came to be!
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