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 The Scottish Prison Service

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The last few years have been challenging for all of us in the Scottish Prison Service, when we made some difficult choices and decisions. We now need to move on and look
to the future. The new vision for the service outlined below, represents our broad plan for the next 3-5 years.

We have to face up to the reality of the competitive
world that we have to live and work in. Who provides prison places is
now far less important than value for money and quality of the service
provided to the taxpayer who pays our bills.

The SPS are already at the forefront of providing
quality prisoner programmes geared to reducing re offending. In the
years ahead this will be increasingly important. It is the key
contribution we can make to reducing crime and making Scotland a safer

The priority for the Executive is to make Scotland a
safer place, to free communities from crime and the fear of crime. We
have a leading role to play in delivering that commitment. By breaking
down the barriers that exist between agencies and being open and
responsive to the needs of our partner agencies.

We also have to
be able to prove that our work with offenders makes Scotland a safer
place. We need to put in place systems to measure and prove the value
of the work we do.

The expectations of the public about what
kind of service we should provide for them have changed over the years.
As well as responding to those expectations we have to try to influence
and shape them by informing the public about the good quality of the
work we are doing and the real differences we are making in reducing
offending, so that our service is something the Scottish public is
prepared to pay for.

The greater the value that the Scottish
public place upon the work that we are doing then in a very real sense
the greater actual value that work has.

The key Aims (the Mission Statement) of the Scottish Prison Service are:

  • to keep in Custody those committed by the courts;
  • to maintaining good Order in each prison;
  • to Care for prisoners with humanity;
  • to provide prisoners with a range of Opportunity to exercise personal responsibility and to prepare for release; and
  • to play a full role in the integration of offender management services.

These aims are central to our new Vision for the future.

Our Mission tells us what to do, the vision is aimed at making us do it better by concentrating on key themes.

There are five:

· Leadership in correctional Service

· A prison estate that is fit for the purpose

· Highest Standards of Service

· Respect for our Staff

· Value for Money for the Taxpayer
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The Scottish Prison Service
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