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 HM Prison Noranside and HM Prison Castle Huntly

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HM Prison Noranside and HM Prison Castle Huntly Empty
PostSubject: HM Prison Noranside and HM Prison Castle Huntly   HM Prison Noranside and HM Prison Castle Huntly EmptyFri Sep 05, 2008 4:13 am

HM Prison Noranside
Fern By Forfar

Tel:(01382) 319333
Fax:(01356) 650245

Deputy Governor: Fraser Munro

HM Prison Castle Huntly

Tel:(01382) 319333
Fax:(01382) 360510

Deputy Governor: Fraser Munro

HMP Castle Huntly and Noranside jointly make up the SPS Open Estate. Both focus on providing employment training and transitional/through-care for prisoners working towards a structured reintegration into society.

Castle Huntly is in Longforgan 3 miles west of Dundee whilst Noranside lies 10 miles North West of Forfar in Angus. Both are open prisons holding low supervision adult male prisoners serving 18 months and over, including life sentence prisoners, who have been assessed as suitable to serve part of their sentence in open conditions. The regimes operated by both establishments, though differentiated, are also increasingly complementary. Noranside holds a small number of prisoners convicted of sexual offences, while Castle Huntly holds prisoners who require the support of the SPS methadone program.

Visiting Noranside

Noranside History

Visiting Noranside

Castle Huntly History
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HM Prison Noranside and HM Prison Castle Huntly
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